Grey Hair in Your 20s? Here’s Why

Everyone gets grey hair here and there and it is nothing to be surprised about. But what if you are getting them a little earlier? I know, this will definitely make you feel anxious. You might be thinking that you are aging way faster than your friends. So what are the reasons why some people get gray hair earlier than their friends? Today we will be exploring what causes premature greying of hair.

First of all, why does hair turn grey? Our body’s production of the pigment cells that creates the color of our hair slows down as part of the aging process. As the pigment cells in our hair follicles decrease, you will notice more grey hair. Although having premature grey hairs should not cause alarm, but knowing the possible cause to them may help you to figure out the root of the problem. Here are 5 reasons why the grey strands start sprouting in your 20s.

1. Smokers Alert!

Smokers are more likely to develop premature grey hair compare to those who don’t smoke. Certain chemicals in the cigarette could also cause baldness. So if you love your hair, it’s time to drop the cigarettes!

2. You are Genetically “Grey”

If your parents or siblings had premature gray hair, chances are you will most likely have them too. Besides, Caucasians tend to go grey earlier, follow by Asians then African-Americans.

3. Health Problems

Load on the vitamins! Scientific research has shown that the lack of Vitamin B12 could lead to greying of hair. Apart from that, research shows thyroid diseases could also lead to potential greying of hair.

4. Are you Stressed?

Reduce the stress! Everyone gets stress from time to time but recent study shows chronic stress could cause indirect greying to your hair. It can cause your hair to shed three times faster than normal. When your hair regrows, you’d be surprised that it grows back grey instead of your original hair color.

5. Wrong Hair Products

Using the wrong hair products could lead to the losing of healthy and lustrous hair. When you purchase shampoo, make sure to check the chemical contents in the products. Prolonged use of shampoos that contain abrasive chemicals make your hair gradually lose its natural colour.

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