Unveil the secrets of Argan Oil of Morocco

From the kernels of Argania Spinosa Trees originated in the Southwestern Morocco to the “miracle oil” of hair treatment product for dry and damaged hair. Ever wonder what magic in our Argan Oil of Morocco has in store for your hair health? Continue to read to find out how our Argan Oil will be the powerhouse in your beauty regimen.

Our Argan Oil of Morocco is the rare and precious essential oils which reaped and extracted from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa Trees. For eras, women and men across Morocco have greatly utilized argan oil as the main panacea of their beauty regimen. The nutrition of our Argan Oil is favourably dependent upon naturally cold-pressed and gently separated from the seeds of Argan trees whereby it was produced with love and care towards our customers.

What are the benefits?

By being a popular cosmetic and hair treatment, Argan Oil is therapeutical hair product which deeply moisturize, nourish, hydrate and soften hair. A healthier scalp signifies a healthier and vibrant hair. Our Argan Oil of Morocco yield an inventory of several exceptionally beneficial nutrients such as plant-based squalene, phenols, antioxidants, essential omega fatty acids (oleic & linoleic) and Vitamin E. With its nutritious and great source of vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals, the benefits of our Argan Oil of Morocco effortlessly help to nourish, hydrate, revitalise, increase hair elasticity and restore hair dullness of all hair types at any age.

Why we highly advocate our Argan Oil to add in your beauty regimen?

✔️ 100% Organic and No Artificial fragrance scents

Our Argan Oil feature wholly organic, chemical-free and naturally cold-pressed essential oil- infused hair product without additional fragrance scents. This exquisite essential oil is fragrance-free and preservative free that absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, makes it effective for an array of hair concerns.

✔️ Reclaims hair fizziness and repair split ends

By being one of the nature’s natural healer and leave-in conditioner, consistent use of our Argan Oil on hair helps to reduce and repair the occurrence of split ends. It is also the idyllic choice for those searching a product to tame frizzy hair and those pesky flyaways. The richness of Vitamin E in Argan Oil will act like a magic which helps to distressed hair shafts and repair split ends.

✔️ Strengthen and thicken hair strands for longer and voluminous look

Rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to hair follicles, help you to grow healthy and thick looking hair. The high concentration of essential omega fatty acids will moisturize the hair shaft, strengthens and enrich the hair and improving its textures. Also, it helps to stimulate collagen production which will encourage hair growth and fights against hair strands breakage. Likewise, the deep moisturizing properties of our Argan Oil also helps to produce luscious locks for your hair strands

✔️ Get rids of dandruff, dry and itchy scalp

Our Argan Oil works as a nourishing moisturizer on your dry scalp and get rids dandruff. The luxurious amount of Vitamin E in our Argan Oil not just nourishes and hydrates the scalp, but it aids in encourage blood circulation which brings essential proteins and oxygen to hair scalp for faster hair growth and strengthen hair strands. Our Argan Oil can also be used as effective overnight deep conditioning treatment, by massaging few drops of the oil into your scalp will helps to enhance your hair’ appearance with a healthy shine and maintain a balanced and clean scalp.

✔️ Repair damaged hair

Frequent use of synthetic chemicals on your hair and spending lengthy time out in the sun can cause more damage than good. By switching into a wholly natural substitute will not just helps you to save more money but also help to deliver a more satisfying result. With the naturally high essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E in our Argan Oil, this make it the wholesome hair treatment product to nourish and repair the damage caused by UV sun rays by restoring your hair into its natural strength and elasticity. Additionally, the rich amount of plant-based squalene in our Argan oil make it able to penetrate hair roots deeper and more readily than other oils. This will help in the process of hair growth and neutralize the free radical in hair that is generated by exposure to the UV sun radiation.

✔️ Hair loss protector champ

Hair loss issue? By applying our exquisite essential oils on your scalp 3-4 times per weeks using circular motion, this will penetrate the hair pores by nourishing it with essential and vital nutrients and improves the hair texture. Whilst it may not cure or prevent balding, but it will help to improve the current condition of your existing hair by ensuring you don’t lose more hair follicles than the ones you grow.

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