At Bio Care we believe in a more natural and healthier approach to your hair and skin treatment. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in producing natural beauty products. Over the past 9 years, we have been improving our skin and hair care formulas to provide you with the highest quality products.

Launched in 2016; our brand MESSINA offers certified natural products that rejuvenate and nourish your hair and skin. We are ready to deliver the best products to you and we’re very excited for you to experience our products



We strive to provide you with a healthier natural alternative.

At Bio Care Australia, we want to inspire you to make the best decision in your quest for beauty and wellness.
Our motivation is based on creating hair and beauty products made from all-natural & cruelty-free ingredients.

We strive to consistently deliver visible results through our products manufactured with love and care.


We are fully aware that skincare is an integral part of your daily routine. Therefore, we encourage the integration of healthy habits in your and our natural products to maintain your wellness practice to see maximum beauty results.

Here at Bio Care, we passionately celebrate your well-being & beauty while we aim to give back to the society.


Natural, 100% Australian Made & Cruelty-free
We are committed to providing you with
the best natural beauty products
without compromising the environment, animals and your health.
Commitment to Quality
We are 100% Australian Owned, Designed, Manufactured and Controlled. This is to ensure complete control
over the processes involved in making our products.
Our devotion is to invest diligently in our research and development sectors to deliver consistent high-quality beauty products.
Commitment to the Environment
Bio Care Australia is a cruelty-free brand and we are committed to ending animal testing.
We do not test any of our products on animals.
We only use recyclable and reusable packaging for our products as part of our initiative to fight climate change.
Commitment to You
Because we manufacture 100% certified and tested natural hair and face products here in Australia, our beauty products are
made with ingredients that are all-natural, zero toxic chemicals, and cruelty-free.
Crafted with wellness, nature and beauty in mind, our products are safe for sensitive skin.
Commitment to Society
We strongly believe in beauty and wellness being accessible to each and every individual.
By opting for our beauty products, we hope that you will be emancipated to cultivate beauty for everyone.