Messina is an Australian made and owned brand that specializes in natural products that provide rejuvenation and nourishment for your hair and skin. Messina’s products are made with cosmeceutical formulas that consist of natural and reduced chemical ingredients.

Our brand is devoted to providing high-quality natural products that increase the wellness of your skin and body, to give you an amazing experience with our products.


Your Beauty, Our Dedication


Our Natural Hair Colour Cream 8 Main Ingredient

Henna, Indigo - Henna is famous as a herbal colour ingredient and Indigo is a natural blue dye. Both these combine to make a natural protective layer on the cuticle to nourish your hair encouraging darker tones, helps prevent dandruff, reduces scalp itching and promotes hair growth.

Pomegranate Seeds - As one of natures super foods; Pomegranate seeds are beneficial for hydrating and nourishing your hair with vitamins and minerals that control hair loss and dandruff to improve your hairs natural shine.

Coffee - Caffeine helps prevent hair loss and colours brown hair naturally while strengthening the hair texture and adding shine.

Aloe Vera - As a natural conditioner; makes hair smoother, reduces itchiness with the scalp and limits dandruff with the help of its natural vitamins, minerals, moisture and proteolytic enzymes.

Lemon - Preventing split ends and removal of excess oil from the hair while providing vitamins B & C, foic acid and other essential minerals. Lemon also lightens the hair safely.

Moroccan Argan Oil - Moroccan argan oil is extracted from the nut of the fruit from argan trees. As a natural moisturiser; it works to soften your hair, increase shine while treating split ends.

Australian Honey - Produced in Australia; honey can restore your hairs natural bounce and strengthen the follicles. Other benefits include aiding in hair growth and preventing damage to your hair due to its rich antioxidants.